A CMMS that is like no other!

Estate Manager Cloud helps overwhelmed property and Estate managers deliver exceptional client focused service. Meaningful conversations with your people, systems and equipment empower knowledge that is ahead of the business needs that solve the pain of technically complex and diverse systems


Client First

Nothing should be a surprise for your clients, YOU should know BEFORE them if there is going to be a problem
Estate Manager Cloud enables meaningful data conversations from your systems and processes to empower your people with the knowledge required to excel in maintenance management and client satisfaction

  • The Estate Manager Cloud Client Interaction Module (CIM) maintains a focus on client communications and satisfaction reducing the pain of not knowing

  • Estate Manager Cloud works seamlessly with Concierge services, keeping the client informed with a human touch

  • Client reported issues or requests are seamlessly integrated and elevated as critical issues in the CMMS prioritising the clients pain point

Empower Your People

Estate Manager Cloud is modular and provides solutions as detailed as you require at that time. Allowing for adoption and growth before being overwhelmed with an Emotional cycle of change.

Empowering people is at its heart of Estate Manager cloud, working with you, rather than being “Done To” with process & data.


The Power of Actionable Data

Summarising data in tangible ways shouldn’t just be a data analytics function. It should be common practice and pervasive in your systems and data workflows.

Estate Manager Cloud seamlessly provides data from the Estate conversations into you own Data Lake. It ensures your hard-earned insights are focused and actionable as possible so they’re primed to drive value for your business and efficiency. Data is easily exposed and visualised, Key Performance Indicators are generated from your Data Lake.

  • Collect data from almost any system, including IOT sensors, BMS and smart home control systems

  • Summarise data in easy to understand ways while maintaining the data detail behind the scenes for when the tech experts need it

  • Apply standardised categories on data reporting records to allow real-time management metrics

  • Use historical data to to predict trends and anticipate timely actions and responses.

... ... ...

Maintenance Management, 21st Century Fit

Whether you are a new business or an existing estate, Estate Manager Cloud can power your business with ease. If you can use computer Apps and email then “Good News”, your “QUALIFIED”...!

Cloud Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time across your management and maintenance teams using the latest cloud technologies


Start small and grow as large as you need. Select only the modules you need and adopt at your own pace

Actionable Data

All your data for all your systems and processes in one place. Data that's classified and summarised to make it actionable and understandable

Protecting the client

Maintain a client focus. Understand the pain points and priorities of your customers and maintain streamlined communications.

Historical Data

Use historical data to analyse trends. Anticipate demands and plan maintenance activities

Health and Safety Compliance

Maintain compliance with built-in risk assessments, method statements and compliance requirements tracking

Live Management Metrics

Get visibility across all your estate, maintenance processes and systems, all updating live so you can respond to the latest information as it happens

Documentation Management

An electronic document repository for equipment and as-installed information. Always up to date and accessible

Our Ecosystem

Estate Manager Cloud is modular and provide solutions that are scalable and readily adoptable. By allowing for a staged adoption, the growth and benefits of your CMMS capability can be at your own pace without being overwhelmed with an Emotional cycle of change.
It is common to start with data collection using the monitoring system. This can be operated standalone from all other modules and allows data to be at the core of enhancing your systems and processes.

Estate Management Portal

When managing multiple estates and residences, the Management portal provides the overview across estates and residences. Estate wide metrics and KPI's are live and relevant

Client Interaction Management

It starts with the Client. The client interaction module ensures communications between the CMMS system and the Client. The CIM can also bridge with concierge systems to integrate those into the workflows


Budgeting, resource planning and allocations. Managing broader estate-wide issues with multiple work items and cross-discipline work teams.


Actionable data starts here. The monitoring system is responsible to collect, organise and manage data from systems. Whether using our data gateways, IOT devices or manually entered data, the monitoring system structures all the data

Test and Inspection Scheduling

Schedule testing and inspections. Include test limits to allow automated condition based monitoring

Maintenance Management

The Maintenance Management (MMS) provides core CMMS function including work item assignment, work order planning and resource allocation


Risk Assessments and Method Statements are integral to maintenance management and the Risk Assessment module provides an authoring and management tool for these health and safety documents


The checklists module enhances the maintenance management checklists to provide templated and easily authored checklists which can be tied to work item or work order types

Time Recording
and Management

Record times for work item activities

Electronic Documentation

Cloud based document management ensures equipment and OEM documentation are always to hand for you work orders and up to date with maintenance records

Staff Training and Compliance

Ensure all staff are trained, competent and authorised for work activities. Additionally, work orders will be allocated to staff that are accredited to action them

Equipment Compliance

Ensure all Plant and equipment used are compliant and maintain up to date inspection and performance test records

Asset Identification and Tracking

Record and manage all your assets including plant and equipment locations

Equipment Warranty Tracker

Track warranties of equipment and plant

Inventory Management

Track spare parts inventory, consumable items and more

You need to improve things but just don't have the time?

Let us help you reduce your burden, streamline your operation, and give you peace of mind
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